Royal Oak Lump Charcoal Review

Royal Oak Lump Charcoal Review

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 27 x 15 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 15.44 pounds
  • Colour: Red


Royal Oak Lump Charcoal, Charcoals are very important when it comes to preparing grilled or barbeque foods for your loved ones. If you are a party person and loves to party a lot in your backyard with the grill machine, and looking for the best lump Charcoal to help you in cooking, then Royal Oak’s Lump Charcoal is the best option available for you. Lump Charcoal cooks your food by enhancing its taste, you will love the kind of food prepared with the heat of Charcoals. Let’s see what’s there inside this best-selling Charcoal first.

The Royal Oak Lump Charcoal is made from 100% Natural Wood without any added filters. This Lump Charcoal is heated under a very controlled temperature which makes your food tastier and more delicious. What makes this Charcoal popular is it lights quickly in seconds and reaches to an ideal temperature to cook the foods super faster.

The Charcoal produces enough and managed heat to sear meats and other vegetables perfectly. You will definitely be going to like the taste of the food prepared on the heat of this Charcoal.

The modern people are still following the old-school cooking methods where Charcoals are required to cook the food. There are reasons why some people still follow the same methods and the most common reason is the taste of the dishes. Let’s check out the list of the key features which make this charcoal very special among the chefs worldwide.

Royal Oak Charcoal – Key Features

  • Lights up quickly and reaches to the desired temperature in seconds Doesn’t produce ash with clean burning
  • Sears meat perfectly and offers mouthwatering and delicious foods
  • Can be used in different types of Manual Grills, Smoker and BBQs
  • Ideal for preparing Barbeque foods
  • Affordable pricing



  • Lights up very quickly and reaches to the cooking temperature in a few minutes
  • Aid maximum fuel efficiency as the charcoal burns properly
  •  Takes very less cooking time
  • Produces very less ash
  •  Easy to lit up in seconds
  • Prepares smoky flavored and mouthwatering food dishes
  • Ideal for cooking barbeque foods


  • The bag contains very small pieces which can’t be used in some Barbeque Grills and Smokers.


The Charcoal offers smoky taste to your meat, fishes, vegetables and other barbeque foods. It keeps all the natural nutrients in the food, it offers perfectly well-balanced and nutrition-rich foods.

If you have only used the Charcoal briquettes until now, then you will be able to figure out the differences between this Charcoal and the briquettes. When you prepare your food with Charcoal, the taste will be locked up like forever and it also keeps the food hot for some more time.

What you will like about this Charcoal is it produces very less ash while burning. We would recommend this product for preparing your barbeque foods. If you love to throw away parties on various occasions, then you must go with this Charcoal as your relatives and friends will love what you cooked with this Charcoal. It also enhances the taste of your food at the same time.

Apart from this, you can also take this Charcoal while you campaign. Every single piece of the Charcoal burns properly so it will not waste your money, at least.

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Where to buy the Royal Oak?

The Royal Oak Charcoal is available on many popular e-Commerce websites. You can order your bag from Amazon easily.

Final Verdict:

If you are using a smoker, then Royal Oak’s charcoal is for you. It is also very ideal choice for the beginners who can’t control the temperature of the grill while using a Propane Grill or something. The Pieces of the Charcoal burns quickly and offers high-temperature for cooking barbeque foods completely. It’s a go-go product for the beginners and self-cooks.