If you are looking for an advanced Waffle Maker to prepare delicious and soft Waffles at your home, then here’s the new Presto 03510 Waffle Maker machine for you. It’s a new generation Waffle Maker which comes with a number of innovative features making it one of the best-selling Waffle Makers in the market. The new lightweight and compact design makes it easier for the users to use and store the machine whenever they want. If you want to know more about this Waffle Maker, then here we have reviewed it briefly. Keep on reading!

Currently, the Presto Waffle Maker is top-rated Waffle Makers in the market just because of its elegant design and a set of easy-to-use and innovative features. It’s a fully feature-rich Waffle Maker which is suitable for all types of users.

Most people love to have the delicious and soft waffles when they go to the cafes. If you want to prepare kind of the same waffles at your home for your loved ones, then you must go with this Presto Waffle Maker machine. It prepares Café’ style waffles in a few minutes.

Presto FlipSide Belgian Maker- Key Features

  • Lightweight and Compact Design
  • Durable construction made from high-grade Stainless Steel and Ceramic Materials
  • Non-stick baking surface doesn’t require to spray oil
  • Easy to clean design and base
  • Comes with a stunning Black color and coating
  • Professional-style rotating design for baking the Waffles evenly
  • Comes with extra thick grid that can bake up a full-size 7-Inch Waffle easily
  • Can be stored in a Vertical Position
  • Features a programmable timer with countdown function
  • Can Flip over to 180 degrees
  • 120 volts AC and 1200 Watts power needed
  • Easy to use machine with simple plug and play function
  • Comes with a handle for easy carrying
  • Imported Product Made in the USA
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on the product
Pros And Cons
  • Durable stainless steel construction with a non-stick ceramic base
  • Ideal Waffle Maker for the new buyers
  • Prepares gluten free and professional restaurant style waffles
  • Easy to clean
  • Digital display with a countdown timer
  • Temperature Control can’t be adjusted
  • Plates can’t be removed, they are fixed with the machine and you have to clean up them along with the machine
  • It is a little heavier for a portable device.
  • The time requires an external battery

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Presto Waffle Maker: Design

Unlike other Waffle Makers, the Presto’s Waffle Maker occupies very small storage space. It can be easily stored in your Kitchen’s cabinet or even on the countertop without occupying much space.

On top of that, this Waffle Maker has a rotating design which make sure that the waffle cooks evenly from all the parts and corners. It also gives you an extra grid to make proper belgian waffles quickly.

The entire unit is designed with high-grade Stainless-steel casing and the main waffle base is made from non-stick ceramic materials. It’s easy to clean and you don’t have to waste your time in cleaning the machine after its use.

Here, we have listed down the reasons why you should go for this Waffle Maker. Basically, we have gathered the features of this Machine so you can get to know about its functionality and how it will perform for you to make the Restaurant and Café style Waffles at your home.

Why you should buy this Waffle Maker?

  1. Lightweight and Compact Size

Unlike the traditional waffle makers, this Presto Waffle Maker has a unique design. It is designed for the new generation people who don’t want to mess things around while cooking something. It has a compact size which makes it easier for the users to store it anywhere they want. You don’t need to worry about the storage space as it can fit well in a small space easily. The weight of the machine 6pounds and has the measurement of 12×12×3 inches

Apart from its compact design, it is very light in weight. Yes, you can easily carry and transport it anywhere you want with its lightweight design. There is a handle available on the machine which lets you pick easily. It’s a flipside waffle maker which lets you even store the machine in the vertical position.

  1. Easy to use

Being a new-generation Waffle Maker, this Lightweight Presto’s Waffle Maker comes with a handy and easy to use functionality. You don’t need to be an expert while using this machine as anyone can easily start using this machine with its simple plug and play design. Yes, you don’t need to stress out with its functionality, just remove the machine from the package, insert the plug into the power source, and you’re done! The machine will be ready to prepare your first Waffle.

  1. Professional Style Maker

The Presto’s Waffle Maker bakes you a professional restaurant and café style waffles. It has a 7-Inch of diameter with proper sections. You can prepare a big size of Waffle and can easily cut it out in to the small pieces for easy serving.

The machine’s base is made from high-grade ceramic material which is 100% non-stick. You can bake your waffles and clean up the machine in just a few minutes. You can clean up this machine using a small brush and a cotton cloth. It has a compact design so you can even carry the machine and can flip it to clean thoroughly.

  1. Countdown Timer

If we talk about the innovative feature, the machine comes with a built-in Countdown Timer. This timer lets you set the baking time on the waffle maker. You can bake the delicious restaurant style waffles worry-free. Just set the countdown timer and the machine will indicate you when the waffles are ready.

It also features a digital display where you can see the remaining time and the countdown timer’s mode. You will get to see the temperature and other useful information in this display.

These are all the reasons why most people do recommend the new buyers to go with the Presto’s Flipside Belgian Waffle Maker machine. It is the first choice of many first buyers because of the above reasons.

Customer Reviews: What Did Others Think?

If you are looking for an ideal waffle maker for your home, then this is the most recommended Waffle Makers. It’s a good value for money waffle maker in the market and people are happily baking their own Waffles.

Every coin has two sides, there are many buyers who are not satisfied with this Waffle Maker and they are disagreeing with the fact that this is the most convenient and value for money waffle maker.

Some people have issues with its construction, they believe that this Waffle Maker is not made from high-grade materials.

There are many buyers who don’t like the Countdown timer comes along with the machine. It doesn’t use the AC Power and you have to use an external battery to make use of the Countdown timer. This is something which most buyers don’t like about this Waffle Maker.

Others are complaining about the control of the temperature. It doesn’t come with a Temperature Control and hence it bakes up the Waffles quickly. It is not an ideal machine for the first-time bakers. If you have not tried baking ever before, then this machine will need some baking practice first.

On the other hand, some people are complaining about its thick design. It has a thick grid design which makes Waffles too thick. If you like to have thin waffles, then you can’t prepare thin layers using this machine.

People have always issue with everything and for that reason, you have to check the good things about this machine. It comes with all the features and functions that you might want to see in a new generation waffle maker machine. People who have issues with its cheap design doesn’t know that it is there to make the machine lighter which makes it easier to carry anywhere you go.

There’s no need to complain about the construction and the quality of this machine, it works well and prepares you professional Waffles quickly.

Why complain?

What will you like? The best thing about this Waffle Maker is its compact and lightweight design. Apart from this, you will also like how thick and soft Waffles this machine can bake. It has an extra thick grid which let you prepare soft and perfectly bake Waffles.

With one single waffle, you can cut it down into 2 or 4 pieces for serving to extra people. You can serve one single waffle to up to 4 people at once. On top of that, the machine cooks very quickly and doesn’t require any special tool for cooking, just plug and play functionality makes you the perfect waffle maker.

You can even gift-pack this machine and can offer this as a present to your loved ones.

What’s the Price? In this competitive world, there are many types of Waffle Maker machines available from a number of different manufacturers. In the price range of $50, this is the perfect Waffle Maker available in the market which is priced at just $39.90. If you wish to purchase it out, you can head over to Amazon and can click the Checkout button now!

Before you hit the Checkout button, make sure to check the reviews left by other buyers of the same machine. There are some suppliers who sell out refurbished products on Amazon. You have to check the reviews and tips of other buyers of the same product by scroll down the page. Make sure you have all the details and the required information about the Waffle Maker first, and you will be able to pick the perfect Waffle Maker for you.

Apart from this, here we have tried to give answers to the most common and frequently asked questions by the consumers to the suppliers. You too may have kind of the same questions in your mind regarding this Machine. So just follow these questions and answers section and get all of your queries resolved now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does it have the removable plates?

No, this Waffle Maker machine doesn’t come with removable plates. You have to take the entire machine for cleaning as the plates are attached for the machine and can’t be removed from there.

  1. How to use the Temperature Control?

Unfortunately, the Presto’s Waffle Maker machine doesn’t come with a Temperature Control functionality. The machine comes with a Countdown timer which lets you notify when the Waffles are ready. You can’t control its temperature manually.

  1. What’s the use of the Timer?

The Countdown timer lets you check how much time is still remaining. You will also get a notification when the Waffles are done.

  1. Does the timer require an extra battery?

Yes, as you go through the above report, you will see that the Countdown timer doesn’t use the AC Power source. You have to use an external battery to use the built-in Count Down timer on this product.

  1. Does it come with a warning sound?

Yes, this Waffle maker comes with an audio sound to notify or warn you when the waffles are ready. The machine will beep for five times when the Waffles are ready with the set timer.

  1. Is the Waffle Iron non-stick?

Yes, the Waffle Iron is made from high-grade and non-stick ceramic materials. It can be cleaned up easily by wiping with a cloth. Just wipe across the grid with a dry cloth or a paper and the surface will be cleaned. If you are using oil or anything sticky while baking the waffles, you can use a wet cloth for cleaning the excessive oil from the grid’s surface.

  1. How much power does this machine require?

The machine is compatible with household power source with 110/120 volt. It uses 1100 watts of power for baking.

  1. What’s the use of the 180-degree flipping capacity?

The machine comes with 180-degree flipping that lets the Waffle spread evenly so you can have a perfectly baked Waffles every time you use this machine.

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