The Most Common Kitchen Troubles and How to Solve Them

Considering the kitchen like a clean and organized space is not right. It is the most engaging and inviting space in the house. You always feel the urge to cook delicious food in this area. Gourmets will always encourage a clean and tidy kitchen for work.

Nonetheless, there are times when your kitchen transforms into nothing more than a mess. Often, it becomes a clutter with plants, pots, and decoration pieces. If you are stuck between a leaking faucet, bunged drain, and stinking garbage, it is high time. Below are some of the most common kitchen problems that need fixing ASAP.

Interestingly, there are some minor kitchen issues that you can solve without the need for maintenance. So, you can read further and decide if there are any troubles you will be able to fix.

Common Kitchen Nightmares You Can Fix

Majorly, your kitchen is considered as the busiest place of the home. It is the best place where maximum people start their day. While you are dining, cooking, and cleaning many items here; it is no surprise to get the kitchen cluttered. 

For this reason, we want to let you know how minor problems can be solved without wasting time and money. Use Kitchen Aid discount codes for some of the solutions we have discussed.

Having a Dirty Countertop

A dirty and greasy countertop discourages you from working. It looks messy and loses its sparkle quickly. However, this issue does not require much of a solution. Simply sparkle seltzer over your countertop. Let it rest on the top for a few minutes. Now, wipe the space with a damp cloth to bring back the old shine. 

A Horrible Cabinet Door

Every kitchen has a wobbly cabinet door that is not ready to close properly. In worst cases, this door also falls off the cabinet and becomes more annoying. Nonetheless, you can fix this issue without much trouble. Adopt a habit of keeping wood glue in the kitchen, and this problem goes away.

Begin by unscrewing the hinges. Now, fill the holes with wood glue and splinter toothpicks into these. Break each of the toothpicks soon as the glue goes dry. It will quickly create a snug in the cabinet and help you fix the hinge.

Kettle Surrounded By Limescale

Limescale deposits on steel appliances, faucets, and metal items. When it covers the kettle, tea drinkers can get in serious trouble. Therefore, without destroying the taste of water, you can fix it at home.

Fill half of the kettle with vinegar and add equal parts water into it. Leave the mixture in your kettle for approx. an hour. Now, switch it on and boil the water. Once, the water gets boiled nicely, discard it and rinse the kettle. Now, you can prepare a cup of tea or coffee and check the taste.

Over-Running Ice in the Freezer

Sometimes, your fridge gets in a horrible condition and create an arctic region, even in the lowest settings. It happens as a bad result of clogged draining. Almost of the fridges in the market are manufactured with a tiny drain at the back.

You can find this drain filled with ice. As a result, condensation stops and damages the cooling system. The finest way to get rid of this problem is by pouring hot water into the drain. Remember, you can experience a pool at first. Nevertheless, after a few hours, ice will melt and smoothly unblock the drain.

Gritty and Smelly Dishwasher

Having a dishwasher with more stinking smells and grit is common. You often end up with one that brings more of it in the kitchen rather than taking it away. Nevertheless, maintaining the sink is not a difficult-to-perform action.

Start by pulling out the bottom rack and grabbing the filter for complete washing. You can clean the soap container by using salt or rock salt as an alternate. Now, finalize it by running the dishwasher with no dishes in it to make things work perfectly.

Stinking Dirty Fridge

Having a smelly fridge is one of the most common kitchen problems. It happens because people have a bad habit of storing food in the fridge and forgetting it later on. Sooner or later, this food starts to rot and causes smell inside the fridge.

The coolest way to get over this issue is discarding rotten stuff. Now, swipe every shelf by mixing soap in warm water. Make sure to place a bowl of baking soda in the fridge. The sodium bicarbonate in it will suck all leftover odors from the fridge, and things will be fine.

Greasy Drawers and Handles

It is unpleasant and inappropriate to keep working with sticky drawers, cabinets, and handles. Touching it constantly can get the other surfaces dirty too. This issue often arises after a time-consuming and complex dish is prepared in the kitchen.

You can simply use a multipurpose detergent or cleaner to get over this trouble. Also, rubbing alcohol is beneficial for wiping all greasy and gritty surfaces. You can experience immediate results by applying these solutions.

Clogging In Sink Sprayer

The most common and frustrating kitchen trouble is a clogged sink sprayer. It can occur on the head of the aerator or within the hose too.  The first tip for getting rid of this issue is by checking the sink sprayer’s head. If it is the part blocked, disconnect it and let it rest in vinegar for approx. 20 minutes.

Now, scrub it down and clean the head. Similar is the case if the hose itself gets cluttered. You must remove it and repeat the cleaning process. Finally, reattach the parts and blast out warm water from the sprayer to clean the leftover dirt.

Final Thoughts

These are the most common kitchen problems you can experience. Solve them by using the methods discussed earlier. Remember, your kitchen is the busiest area in the house. You can always keep it clean and organized for cooking peacefully!