Foho’s new generation Wing Corkscrew wine bottle is one of the most efficient bottle openers is available for the wine lovers. If you find it difficult to remove the cork from the wine bottles, then this corkscrew from Foho is the perfect option for you. What makes this corkscrew unique from the lot is its multi-function design. This tool is pretty handy and comes with an ability to remove corks from different types of bottles easily.

The Wine Corkscrew  wine bottle is made from high-grade stainless steel. The quality material makes the product extra durable and it will last for years without any issues with the quality. It has a Zinc alloy body and the Stainless-steel cork. The soft touch panel at both the ends makes the grip of the handle soft and comfortable to the users.

The tool comes with an adorable chrome plated bottle stopper. You can use this bottle stopper to extend the life of the wine. The stopper keeps the bottle leakage free and you can store the taste of the original wine within the bottle with this handy tool.


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The wing style design of the wine corkscrew is very easy to use. It doesn’t need you to be an expert, even a beginner can easily use this tool for opening the corks of all types from different types of wine bottles and other drinks. It’s an ideal corkscrew for restaurant, bar and wine lovers who take wine regularly. You will never face any difficulties in opening the wine bottle with this handy and delightful tool.

Furthermore, you can even gift this Corkscrew to your friends and relatives who are fond of having different types of Wines. It looks adorable and your friends will definitely like it. It’s a trusted manufacturer and offering a lifetime warranty on this product. You will also get proper customer care support from the manufacturer. They do take care of their customers and assist them with their queries and issues with the Corkscrew tool.

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